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Home Designs with C.F. Olsen Homes

While most custom home designers draft a floor plan after the designers have only briefly talked to the clients, C.F. Olsen Homes is unique in that we design the floor plan while the customer sits with us in our office. This way, you have total control during the drafting process and can make changes and suggestions whenever you feel they are necessary.

There are so many choices that go into creating a floor plan, and it would be practically impossible for us to understand exactly what you want in just a short meeting. That’s why we want you in-house so you can be an integral part of the design process.

Custom Cabinetry OgdenWhich Custom Home Design Software Does C.F. Olsen Homes Use?

At C.F. Olsen Homes, we use one of the best programs in the architecture industry for designing floor plans. It’s called Softplan. Because Softplan is easy to use and makes the floor plan easy to change, the designer and you can sit down and plan out everything from how many rooms you want down to whether or not you want shelving in the walk-in closets.

We want you to feel that the design of your home really was all done by you. We recognized that few companies allow their customers to perform extensive modifications to their floor plan, and that wasn’t the way we wanted to run our business. As the person who will be living in the home for years to come, you should definitely be a crucial piece of the design puzzle.

Getting Started with Designing a Custom Floor Plan is Easy!

First, our designers will lay out a basic floor plan based on what you mentioned that you wanted. From there, we’ll have you sit down with us, looking at the software for yourself, to modify aspects of the floor plan as necessary. We want everything to be perfect for you.

If you would like to start on the design for your dream home, call C.F. Olsen Homes at (801)-810-6692 today!